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Zodiac Plant

Zodiac Plant was founded in 2011 and has since been focused in producing high purity aluminium products. We are constantly investing in new technologies for both our billet and our ingot production lines, in order to fulfill our customers expectations. 

Zodiac owns 5 smelting furnaces and 1 homogenising furnace. In 2023 we installed a new high technological twin chamber furnace, which utilises regenerative burners in combination with an oxygen burner which reduces the amount of fumes during the smelting. 

In addition we have also upgraded our billet casting line by adding a new double rotor degasser for reducing the amount of hydrogen in the aluminium as well as a new filtration system which utilises a twin filter system. Aluminium goes through a 30 ppm filter at the beginning and a 50 ppm filter after, before reaching the casting table.


Production Roadmap


Raw Material 

Raw Material arrives via containers in the plants field. The scrap is processed by shredding it in different shredders based on the anatomy of the scrap. Zodiac owns 3 shredders, a hammer mill, a twin shaft and a single shaft shredder. After the material is shredded, it passes through magnets and an eddy current, and finally it goes through a X-Ray Tomra machine which separates all the heavy materials from aluminium, assuring the production of high purity material ready to be smelted.




The clean raw material obtained from the processing line is then put into the furnace. During the melting process, various samples are taken and are analysed using the Thermo Fisher ARL spectrometer in order to assure the quality standards are met. When the liquid is ready, it goes through a degassing process for removing any hydrogen content in the liquid, and then is passed through a filter system before being casted to its final form.


Final Product

Final product is then packaged by our team and prepared to be sent to its respective customer.


Twin Chamber Furnace

The 2023 newly commissioned twin chamber has a range of productivity as well as sustainability benefits.

  • Its modern system allows the recovery of a higher percentage of aluminium from the smelted raw materials.

  • It uses less LPG as its regenerative burners make it possible for the furnace to contain the heat using alumina balls.

  • An oxygen burner is responsible for recycling dark fumes thus reducing the emissions and also the waste created during the smelting process.


Zodiac In Numbers




Years of experience


Tonne annual production capacity

ISO Certifications

Zodiac has been in the market for over 30 years. We are always focused on improving our systems and delivering the highest quality products to our customers, while maintaining a good sustainability level in order to protect the environment. 

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