Welcome to Zodiac!

Our company has been processing and trading nonferrous metal scrap metals since 1994 with main focus on aluminium, copper and brass, stainless steel, zink diecast scraps

On December 2011 we commissioned an aluminium recycling plant for
production of secondary aluminium alloys of a capacity of 10.000 MT per year investing in most modern melting and casting equipment.


On 2013 we started production of aluminium based master alloys, mainly AlSi20-50

AlMn10-25,  AlTi 5-10, AlMg10-30, AlCu 20-50.


We posses  ISO 9001, IS0 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates.


Zodiac is a regular BIR member since 2011.

Bureau of International Recycling
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