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Producing and delivering high quality Aluminum.

ZODIAC sh.p.k has been processing and trading nonferrous metal scrap metals since 1994 with main focus on aluminium, copper and brass, stainless steel, zinc diecast scraps.

On December 2011 we commissioned an aluminium smelting plant for
production of aluminium alloy ingots & billets of a capacity of 25.000 MT per year investing in modern melting and casting equipment.


On 2013 we started production of aluminium based master alloys, mainly AlSi20-50

AlMn10-25,  AlTi 5-10, AlMg10-30, AlCu 20-50.


We posses ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certificates.

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Our Products

Aluminium Billets

Zodiac is the leading exporter of Aluminium Billets in Albania. The company started producing Aluminium billets in 2015 and since then has become one of the leading producers in the region.


Aluminium Ingots

Zodiac initiated its production line by making Aluminum Ingots. We produce high quality ingots based on the requirements of our clients.


Aluminium Master Alloys

Zodiac produces a variety of Aluminium Master Alloys. Please refer to the full list by clicking on the button below:


Zodiac is constantly looking forward to decrease our carbon footprint by investing in new furnace technologies which reduce gas emissions.

In 2023 we installed a new twin chamber furnace which utilises regenerative burners for reducing the level of burning gas required to smelt the raw material, and an oxygen burner to burn out the unwanted black fumes, thus drastically reducing waste.

Part of our 2023 investments was also a photo voltaic bi-facial plant with the capacity of producing 1 MW of electric energy. The solar plant covers 100% of Zodiac electric energy needs.

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